The 24 months project is awarded all funding by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission (Italian National Agency: IT03 Agenzia nazionale per i giovani) and it will target young people to create awareness in social entrepreneurship covering a set of trainings and dissemination activities. Our purpose is to give youth the opportunity to acquire key competences in Social Entrepreneurship and give them the first knowledge needed to understand the subject.

The project which its full title is “E-playing in Social Entrepreneurship” aims to develop pedagogical techniques in social entrepreneurship through gamification, oriented to youth. The project will create innovative training materials in game-based social entrepreneurship education and will deliver serious video games which will help youngsters engage in learning the essentials of social entrepreneurship, by playing and interacting digitally with their peers. The games will be of scalable difficulty and will be free of charge, as part of a digital platform that will be created during the project.

The expected results of the project are:

  • Development of the entrepreneurial skills of youngsters
  • Creation of innovative digital tools for education in social entrepreneurship
  • Empowerment of youngsters to start their own business
  • Support the decrease of unemployment in European States