Meridaunia, established in 1998, is a joint limited liability Consortium, with legal offices in Bovino (FG) in the Municipio Square, 2. It’s formed of partners belonging to the public sector, including: 29 Municipalities of the Monti Dauni and the Municipality of Lucera, the University of Foggia, the Foggia Chamber of Commerce and private companies representing civil society and the world of local entrepreneurship. The mission of the Meridaunia is to be a real “Development Agency ” for the territory, with the overall function of supporting development and the creation of businesses and jobs.


For.ME Social Enterprise is a social cooperative enterprise of collective and social benefit established on the 2nd of March,2021 located in Thessaloniki Greece. ForMe is an initiative of the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs (S.E.G.E.) and started as a network of mutual support of women entrepreneurship in the creative industries and has been transformed to a Female Social Enterprise.

ForMe Social Enterprise supports women in Social Economy with Training, Consultation, Empowerment Actions and finally to Production and Distribution.


Magnetar is an International and National Project Development and Implementation Company based in Limassol, Cyprus.

The company’s activities include national and EU co-funded projects, offering services for covering needs for the society and the entrepreneurial environment and also addressing the priorities of the European Commission and the Member States of the EU. Magnetar tackles societal challenges regarding employability, youth support, entrepreneurship, environmental impact and more. Magnetar has a Global and Wide Network of collaborators such as Universities, Public Organizations, Ministries, Municipalities, Technology and Science Parks, Research Institutions, Chambers of Commerce, Incubators and Accelerators, Youth Organizations, VET Providers, R&D Companies, Social / Solidarity / Employability Support Organizations and many more.


Ce.F.A.S. – Training and High Specialization Center is a Vocational Training Authority, established in December 2015, accredited by the Puglia Region for Continuing Education, Higher Education and Training in the area of disadvantage with code 6B2JZE6.

Ce.F.A.S. operates in the field of vocational training by offering specialization training and retraining activities for employed workers and the unemployed, tailor-made training courses and specific consultancy for businesses, highly qualified teaching services, planning and management of training projects.

PAL Network:

PAL Network is a newly established organisation, based in Belgium, that has been created with the aim of contributing to different sectors, such as research, policy and practice on topics that fall under the following areas: Education and Lifelong Learning, Career and Employability, Entrepreneurship and Employment, Social Policy and Social Inclusion. PAL Network aims to support youth participation in different social and political levels, by gathering qualitative data about approaches and practices and supporting initiatives where minorities participation is a key to long-term change.


8D Games employs the power of play to help people grow. From virtual reality experiences to board and card games: we’ll find the right game style to fit any socially engaged goal. Our team has created more than 80 serious games and innovations that benefit both professionals and end-users in the fields of education, youth work and health care.

With empathy and thorough research, we always ensure that both the technology and the content of our serious games connect with the players’ values. We do this in co-creation with the target group and relevant experts.